JewelStyling by night

Tasting luxury in a homely setting is the intention.

You invite a couple of friends at home and together we create a sparkling event.

Will you spoil your guests with popping bubbles or a gastronomic dinner from a tof chef?
The choice is yours.

As a Living Room Jeweler I will introduce you to an extensive range of exlcusive gemstones.

Each invitee will receive suitable style advice and a personalized sketch of his or her dream jewel.

A three-dimensional design can be created on demand.

Express your wishes and we plan an inspiring time.

Because an exclusive design carries the stamp of inspiring people.

Candlelight Dinner

An ode to romance.

You choose the setting and JewelStyling creates the magic.

During a romantic tête-à-tête I immerse you in an exclusive range of gemstones.

On the menu you find style advice and a personalized sketch of your dream jewel.

Express your wishes and I plan your Candlelight Dinner in an exquisite restaurant or on a fabulous location.

Because your exclusive jewel deserves an exclusive moment.